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Solder Wire

With having above three decades of domain knowledge, we are engaged in composing and manufacturing comprehensive range of Solder Wire. The offered wire is required for connecting various parts of Printed Circuit Boards or PCBs. Due to its precise design, it is also used in different industries that include electrical, automotive and electronics to name a few. Our Solder Wire is available in different packaging quantities to suit different application requirements of clients.
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Urea based Solder Wire

Metal alloy based Solder Wires like Sn40Pb60 and Sn50Pb50 that are equipped with urea core flux have extensive utilizations during production of Capacitor. National Products is engaged in offering standard grade solder wire with urea cored design of different flux levels and various metal alloy grades to meet the exact needs of clients.

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No-clean Solder Wire

Advanced methodologies have been followed in flux technology to preserve the non corrosive remaining which is noticed after completion of Solder Wire (No-Clean) production process. This remaining can be conserved on the soldered parts sans cleaning. The bulk amount of No Clean or NP Solder Wire is offered to clients for assembling of precision electronic parts. 

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Solder Wire (Containing Tin & Lead)

Solder Wire hat contains elements like lead and tin, has extensive usage in soldering unit.This wire is  accessible with various metal alloy based variants and with different flux percentage rates.

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Lead Free Solder Wire

The lead free variant of Solder Wire is Eco friendly and its application can be noticed in automotive, electronic and electrical industries. Due to its environment friendly composition, this wire has huge market demand.