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Soldering Fluxes

As an eminent organization, we have emerged as a successful manufacturer and supplier of wide array of Fluxes. Premium quality chemical compounds and cutting edge formula have been used from the end of our efficient team members to develop and design the offered range. The produced Fluxes are widely utilized in electrical, automotive and electronic arena to eliminate the oxide film present on the surface of joining parts to strengthen soldered connective component. The produced items are generally applied by using brush, foam or by simply spraying these. These products are preferred for their stable performance and are conveyed to the clients within a specific time period after their packing is done.
Our competent professionals are ready to communicate with customers directly and to offer products as per the exact needs of customers.
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Tinning Flux

The Tinning Flux of NP is meant for applying on printed circuit boards before their cleaning by adopting roller coating and dip coating methods. This colorless and aqueous liquid is perfect for coating of copper surface during covering the surface with tin.

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VOC-Free Liquid Flux

The VOC Free Flux offered by National Products is reckoned for its outstanding soldering characteristics for its lead free content or lead and tin alloy based formulation. This type of flux has been produced by using a special combination of organic activators with unique top side hole filling attribute and required wetting properties. Apart from that, other types of specially formulated additives are also included for its production to lower the surface tension generated between solder and solder mask. This surface tension may lower solder ball production rate. Stable thermal properties of VOC Free Flux of NP helps to lower the possibility of solder bridging.

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Aluminium Flux

The Aluminum Flux offered by National Products is known for its chloride free organic content which is preferred for its high viscosity level and high performance level. This aluminum soldering flux is suitable for soldering of aluminum to copper, aluminum to plated terminals, aluminum to aluminum and aluminum to brass.

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No-Clean Soldering Fluxes

No-Clean Soldering Fluxes are used as indispensable parts of printed circuit boards or PCBs by adopting brushing, foaming, spraying and dipping methods. These types of fluxes are meant for applying on devices that are installed on the surface. These are perfect for hoe assembly soldering of thick plate used in telecommunication and electronics industries.

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Hot Air Levelling Flux

The water based Hot Air Levelling Flux has been especially composed for solder coating of PCBs by using solder leveling or coating machines. The HAL flux offered by National Products possesses exceptional thermal properties that remain intact under 260°C solder bath temperature. The flux remaining which is found after completion of solder coating process is easily dissolved in water so that the coated PCBs can maintain their ionic conductivity level. All the elements used for this flux are completely Eco-friendly.

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Liquid Soldering Fluxes

The utilization of Liquid Soldering Fluxes can be noticed during spray, wave and dip soldering methods. These types of fluxes are preferred for their accessibility in tailor made configurations, special formulation and trouble free application process. These are extensively used in automotive, electronic and electrical industries. Being an experienced organization of having more than three decades of domain expertise, we put stress on quality inspection of each batch of produced items prior to their delivery in the market. That is why, all our products are acknowledge for their unmatched quality among our customers.