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VOC-Free Liquid Flux

VOC-Free Liquid Flux
VOC-Free Liquid Flux
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Product Code : f22
Product Description

The VOC Free Flux offered by National products is notable for its less solid content and it is preferred for its unique soldering characteristics on lead and tin based or lead free alloy metals. Standard grade proprietary blending of organic activators has been sued to produce this flux. The used activators are known for their good wetting properties and upper side hole fill design. Other types of proprietary additives have also been used to formulate this flux to decrease the surface tension produced between solder and solder mask which in turn lowers solar ball production rate. The special composition of VOC Free Flux offered by NP maintains thermal stability which is advantageous for lowering the tendency of solder bridging. Go through the below mentioned table to get detail information about properties of VOC Free Flux.

Technical Specifications

Product Designation



Specific Gravity

Nominal Solid Content

Recommended Application

NP 900

Rosin free, Water based, No- clean




Flux can be applied on printed circuit boards by foam, brushing or spraying.